Friday, June 18, 2021
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Heaven Or Hell

I remember very well the wording of famous poet John Melton, our mind can make a hell out of the Heaven and a heaven out of the hell.Very true,if you think about it.An idle mind is after all a devil's workshop. Invariably when our mind are not occupied we tend to indulge in problem like stress,anxiety anxiety depression. Keeping the mind constructively occupied is quite a formidable task,especially when your body become too weak and feeble .Cultivating hobbies or constructive past times become even more important as you grow older .The current pandemic however has made life even more miserable especially for elderly who are struck in one bedroom apartment or studio flats and are forced to stay indoors because of the health risks that this pandemic poses to them.It seems that loneliness might kill them before the deadly virus. We don't necessarily have to die in order to experience heaven or hell;some of us experience one or both in this world because there is a divine retribution. Living in the sub zero temperature in studio apartments alone would be a hellish experience for sure especially if you face health issues. It all lies within the mind.Postivity a strong circle of friends and a constructive hobby to occupy our mind can bring about much needed change in the people's lives life can be heaven or helm ;it all depends on how you view it.No man is an island; we all need loyal friends and strong relationships to helps us weather the storms of life.The mind has to be trained to be positive and optimistic .Individual who tend to see the silver lining in every clouds lead happier more fulfilling and productive lives.They tend not to crib or complain about what there isn't but make the best of what there is. How you view life and now well you adjust to change sometimes is the difference between whether your life be become heaven or hell.Sow and nature the seeds of positivity, be optimistic and do not burden yourself or other people with unrealistic expectations. Last but not least make the best of what there is and you will see the change within and around you.
Yours etc. ...
Mool Raj
R/O Bhagota (Rivera )Panjsoo
Distt&Teh Doda ...
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