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Ankit Love: Maharaja of Kashmir
Maharaja of Kashmir Illegally Detained By UK Police and Imprisoned In Psychiatric Ward

London, United Kingdom (May 5, 2017) — Ankit Love, the sovereign Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir, has just been released from his illegal detention at a psychiatric facility in Notting Hill. The day before having his liberties illegally stripped by police and doctors, His Highness had visited MI6 and the MOD to discuss immediately ending Saudi funded Islamic terrorism in his sovereign nation state, and the UK’s now dangerous dependence on Saudi oil imports that are compromising the government's security decisions for the British people.

After a visit to the Liberal Democrats head office in Whitehall, His Highness agreed to ally with Lib Dem leader, Tim Farron, prime minister of UK candidate, in the June 8 general election.

Ankit Love’s statement in support of Tim Farron’s campaign to keep the UK in the EU at all costs, made national news across India and Pakistan yesterday, including in the Hindustan Times. Tim Farron has been one of the strongest critics of the UK’s close ties with the extremist regime in Saudi Arabia, developed by the Conservative party. This despite the Tory party being well aware of Saudi as the largest state sponsor of Islamic terrorism globally. Farron has heavily criticized the bizarre Tory-Saudi bond stating that now "it is time to shine a light onto the shady corners of our relationship with Saudi Arabia. It is time we stood up for civil liberties, human rights and not turn a blind eye because the House of Saud are our 'allies'."

After His Highness had lead a passionate Pro-EU rally for the Liberal Democrats in the streets of Westminster, he was stoped at night by two London metropolitan police officers in uniform near Knightsbridge station. They proceeded to detain His Highness without warrant, and transport him in a police vehicle to the A&E wing of the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital.

At hospital, doctors who where waiting for Love, told him that he would be held under section of the mental health act for things he had said in relation to Kashmir and Saudi. The Maharaja protested profusely against the doctors, informing them that they had no such legal right over politicians in the UK, especially during a general election. He further informed doctors that he was under diplomatic and state immunity as he is the Maharaja of Kashmir, and that his false dentition was in fact now a criminal act, and massive diplomatic failure.

After doctors then stoped Love from leaving the hospital, His Highness immediately called the metropolitan police on his mobile phone. The call was answered by PC Walker, who informed the Maharaja, that a report would be filed with the Parliamentary and Diplomatic protection squad immediately, and that such matter would be in their exclusive jurisdiction, this despite the officer being aware that Maharaja Ankit Love had been a Mayor of London candidate last year, where he received over 33,000 votes.

After no response from Parliamentary and Diplomatic protection, doctors arrived again with two tall plain clothed men of African origin, and informed Ankit Love, if he did not proceed now to the secure psychiatric facility, they would be using force against him.

Ankit Love outnumbered agreed to comply. Guards then transported Love individually, in a large bus to the psychiatric Thames ward at St Charles Hospital in Notting Hill. Here he was stripped of all recording equipment, given no access to wifi, and unable to make phone calls. Love was illegally imprisoned in the secure facility behind double high wire fences, and kept alongside severely psychopathic patients. There a middle aged caucasian male patient, made death threat against the Maharaja. Upon his arrival, the mad man told Love, that any mental patient from this psychiatric ward, could come after Love now once he was released, and kill Love at anytime after.

After being illegally imprisoned for days in a small observational cell protesting for freedom, British National Health Service doctors finally saw Ankit Love. Love told them that he would take legal action against them, and that they had established a dangerous precedent now, where UK politicians could be detained by police with no warrant under doctors orders at any time, as well as royals and foreign dignitaries even.

Love then passionately challenged doctors as to why had they had not arrested the clearly insane and senile King of Saudi who funds terror when he visited London before? Or detain the completely crazed lunatics Nigel Farage and the papal knight Rupert Murdoch? As Mr. Murdoch and Mr. Farage's extremist hate speech had been the direct cause in inciting the present record rise in divisive hate crimes in the UK including murder of respected parliamentarian Jo Cox.

Post which the doctors released Love. They claimed they had never heard of Love before, this despite Ankit Love being the youngest man in British history to have stood three times for parliament, in a space of just 6 months, including in nearby Richmond last December where Love even used his title as Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir, on the ballot paper.

The Maharaja, left hospital and made visit to Charing Cross police station right after, where he was immediately put through to Sergeant Scott from diplomatic police. Ankit Love gave her statement about concern to his life and security. The diplomatic police sergeant proceeded to file an intelligence report, and gave the Maharaja guarantee of his security in future in the UK.

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