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Fast by Bhim Singh in Hiroshima for Disarmament, Peace & Brotherhood

Hiroshima (Japan)/Jammu, August 06 (Scoop News) – Prof. Bhim Singh, Chairman, National Panthers Party (India), Member, National Integration Council and a noted Human Rights Lawyer participated in the Peace Memorial Ceremony in Hiroshima this day on the 66th Anniversary of Atom Bomb dropping by USA where more than 200,000 innocent civilian-Japanese were turned to ashes in a few seconds. Second atom bomb was dropped on 9th August, 1945 by USA in Nagasaki killing more than 100,000 innocent people.

In his strong eloquence, Prof. Bhim Singh called on the big powers manufacturing atom and nuclear arsenals capable to bring total annihilation of the globe and the entire human race. The Indian peace traveller who visited Hiroshima and Nagasaki second time urged the participants in the 66th Anniversary of Peace Memorial Ceremony; politicians, parliamentarians, members of the civil society, historians and lovers of peace from all over the world to join hands to mobilize the world opinion for complete disarmament and destruction of all existing weapons of human destruction so that the humanity may breath in peace and live in dignity and honour.

Prof. Bhim Singh resorted to fast in front of the Peace Memorial, Hiroshima where atom bomb was dropped on August 6, 1945 appealing the governments and the people all over the world to stop manufacturing weapons of human destruction, mutually respect the sovereignties of other countries and join hands against terrorism, violence and arms race so that the people of the world shall enjoy the lasting peace. "They drop atom bomb first then come to pray for peace." Appealed to the people of South-East Asia in particular to form a joint front against the war-mongers and saboteurs of peace and harmony.

Prof. Bhim Singh is the first Indian to fast for disarmament, peace and brotherhood in Hiroshima expressing solidarity with the peace-loving people of the world and full sympathy with the noble people of Japan sharing their pain and sufferings they have experienced following the first atomic bomb attack. He also appealed to the civil society and the politicians to organize Disarmament Committees in the respective areas, sectors and the countries wherever they have been residing to achieve the mission; complete disarmament, peace and brotherhood.

Earlier in Hiroshima, Peace Park, a special Peace Memorial Ceremony was organized with thousands of people mostly Japanese participated. The Mayor of Hiroshima welcomed the participants whereas the Prime Minister, Naoto Kan delivered the key speech asking for nuclear disarmament and peace.

Prof. Bhim Singh presented his book, ‘Peace Mission, Around the World on Motorcycle’ to the Mayor of Hiroshima, Matsui Kazumi. Bhim Singh also presented his book on J&K, ‘The Blunders and the Way Out’ to the Mayor.

Many youth and students joined Prof Bhim Singh on fast also.

Addressing the International Youth Meet Prof. Bhim Singh in his speech said, "I have come from India, which means, Peace and Brotherhood with an appeal to the governments of the world and the people to dismantle all the heaps of the atomic and the nuclear arsenals piled in their stores for human destruction. I feel grateful to the Peace Memorial Committee, Hiroshima for showing their usual hospitality and participation in the ceremony on the 66th Anniversary of dropping the first atomic bomb in Hiroshima.
I have come to share the pains and sufferings of the noble people of Japan which they have been experiencing since August 6, 1945 when this greatest crime against humanity was committed by the USA which claims to be the sole super power in the world.

I had an occasion to witness the Iraqi invasion by the Anglo-American Bloc in utter violation of the United Nations Charter and International Law. I had an opportunity to witness NATO aggression against Yugoslavia. Watched the disappearance and end of President of Saddam Hussein of Iraq and President Slobodan Milosevic of Yugoslavia. The US-led outrageous invasion by NATO countries against Libya could not have been justified by any member of the United Nations. Yet the big powers continue piling heaps of atomic and nuclear arsenals in their power-palaces least realizing that they are playing with the destiny of the entire globe.

Let the people of the world from all walks of life, civil society, political parties, NGOs and everybody organize disarmament and peace committees in their respective zones and countries. Let us create a United Nation of the people of the world for complete disarmament, peace and brotherhood so that the entire human race may live in peace, harmony and dignity. The big powers should save money they are spending for manufacturing weapons of human destruction and spend it for the welfare of entire humanity for their prosperity and dignified living.
Let all the nuclear and atomic arsenals be dismantled and destroyed before they destroy the human race. Let there be no more guns, no more bloodshed, no more bullets and no more wars. This is the message I have brought from India, the land of peace, love and harmony to the lovers of peace who have gathered in Hiroshima this day. I am fasting in Hiroshima to express my solidarity with the peace-loving people of the world and sympathy with the noble people of Japan to share their pain and sufferings since August 6, 1945."
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