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Sharp rise in rape cases

By Farheen wani

Girls are pearls, ladies are rubies, mothers are moulders, and women are wonderful.”

― Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha
The girl kid is a forerunner of today's happiness and success, but she is also delicate and prone to injury like a flower. They need to be properly fostered while being protected from malice and abuse. They are mothers who will raise the future generation, as well as a vital component in the development of tomorrow..
The entire scenario again raises some important issues. Do we not impart societal awareness of good and wrong to our citizens? Do our boys develop into young princes who don't learn to respect women and treat them as equal human beings deserving of respect and consideration rather than as chattel and sex objects?
People need to have a completely new perspective on female children. A girl who experiences sexual exploitation or sexual abuse of a physical or mental kind throughout infancy grows up in terror and eventually develops permanent scars. She endures terrible suffering not just at the hands of the offenders but also as a result of society's uncaring attitude. Until we grasp this and pass it on to the following generation.
Female children's human rights are infringed in practice, even when they are protected on paper.
We must put a stop to the damage and offenses linked with immoral trafficking, which has evolved into an organized criminal.
Rape cases in India are increasing year after year, and it has recently been determined that rape against children is also on the rise.

During the previous few months, there has been a troubling trend in criminality cases involving children and women. Offenses are being reported on social media, which is increasing public worry. Surprisingly, many child abusers are family members, teachers, or neighbors.
The humbleness that survived back then had a divine glare within that diverged every spirit and originated the elegance. How come we overlook that it is likewise hailed ‘Pir Vaer’-a valley of Pirs (or saints)? The vision of Sufism that is currently amused globally retained its heritage in our valley.
If we look at our current strategy, all we find is drug addiction, scams, corruption, rebellion, robbery, molestations, humility, vulgarity, and so on. We have lost sight of the essence of Kashmiriyat, which is to be natural, sensitive, and compassionate. Marriages no longer endure forever, divorce is widespread, and extravagant weddings are the norm. Drug addiction and molestation, as well as rape, are at the top of the list.

There are many causes to all of this, including unemployment, failures, and abuses, but one can never justify dealing with the harsh side of life with lethal methods. Life isn't supposed to be a comfortable bed, therefore when we hit rock bottom, we should pick ourselves up with practical measures. We are more preoccupied with gathering than with.
Although the literacy rate is improving, significant scams and degeneration are already prevalent. The more familiar the public is, the more likely they are to commit misconduct. Well, I'm not generalizing the fortes, but in many situations, we see damage caused by people in awning positions.

We overlook incorrectly used equipment as a result of technology. What was created to make people's life easier is now used to justify why they are trapped in harsh conditions. The mobile phone is an asset, but the overuse of mobile phones by children and teens is having an uncontrollable effect.
More appropriately, the right use of mobile phones at the right time in the right proportion is what it was meant to be. Meanwhile, the non-finishing queue of social media is so extensive that children hardly find focus when left without it.

Molestations and rapes have also become more common, and that is a worrisome indicator for where we are heading. Many times, I realize I'm watching a TV serial crime patrol, and I receive a sensation that we are about catching another episode where cases of rape are leading to a new plot.
Crimes that include rape of juveniles, participation by youngsters in stabbings as well as additional crimes, violence against women, harassment, eve teasing, and even murders

Kathua Rape Case', that involves an eight-year-old girl was allegedly gang-raped by eight different adults at Kathua .She was allegedly assaulted and held hostage for days.
Rape is a heinous crime, and its effect of ravishment not only physically but also psychologically damages the victim. Ravishment may be committed for an array of intentions, including lust, enmity, anger, revenge, and more.
But what is the psychology of the individual committing rape extremely when he commits rape on minors?
A 46- year-old man for allegedly raping his 15-year-old relative in Srinagar

A man raped a minor girl in Srinagar. The accused has been identified as a 22-year-old.“The accused is a close relative of the victim.

An Imaan has been arrested for committing unnatural sex offenses with a nine year old child.
Rapists commit rape on minor girls, preferably those they know, because they have convenient access to such girls, such minor girls have trust in such people they know, and such family members would not doubt and leave the minor girl alone with such person known to them, minor girls would not resist or would not resist as strongly as a major would, minor girls would not be aware she had been raped,it is easy to threaten or manipulate such minor girls and sometimes the family members would also not prefer filing a complaint of rape of a minor girl by a known person or by a relative due to the fear of losing their social status in the society. The psychology of the criminal in raping a minor girl is that he can show power to her with fewer efforts and the chances of his exposure would be less.

In case of the preventative measures approach, preventive measures such as educating minors about good and bad touch; encouraging minors' confidence to inform them if any incident of sexual assault occurs to them; increasing public awareness about rape on minors and the severity of the punishment for such crimes to create a deterrent effect among people;
The survey should be made as to in which areas, whether rural or urban, the crime of rape on minors is more prominent and to target the awareness programs appropriately towards those areas; to avoid the minors wandering alone in the streets, especially at night and to always accompany the minor girls when they go out; the parents of the minors should always keep a check on the behavior of their neighbors or the relatives towards their child and if they have any suspicion then they should talk directly to that person regarding it and should also warn their child and such other measures should be taken to prevent the crime of rape on minors.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines child abuse as the involvement of a child in sexual activity that they do not fully comprehend, are unable to give informed consent to, are not developmentally prepared for and cannot consent to, or that violates the laws or social taboos of society CSA is demonstrated by such activity between a child and an adult or another child who, due to age or development, is in a position of responsibility, trust, or control over the child. The conduct is intended to gratify or satisfy the perpetrator's wants.
Child sexual abuse is classified into two types: (a) physical contact and (b) non-physical contact. Touching, grabbing, compelled sexual activity, attempted coercion, and rape are all examples of physical contact. Showing adolescents pornography, encouraging them to pose naked, sharing nude images, online abuse, and making nasty remarks are all examples of non-physical interaction.

Warning Signs
“If a youngster is abused, you will observe changes in emotion and behavior." "The child may appear terrified, anxious, or depressed." They may become quieter or more distant, cry for no apparent reason, or wet the bed despite being previously toilet trained."
Irritability, nightmares, losing interest in playing, and avoiding specific places or individuals are further warning signals. There could be an abrupt weight loss or gain, or a drop in academic performance."
Nude photographs, online abuse, and making crude remarks are all examples of inappropriate behavior.
Good & bad touch
"Among the many ways to inform a child against sexual abuse and bad touch, the initial phase is to help them get acquainted with their body parts and biological names." They would have acquired greater skills in communicating their experiences with their parents or trusted guardians if they had done so. We need to teach kids that they own their bodies and that no one is authorized to touch them. This permits them to keep their body parts private. This would teach kids that certain areas of their body should not be seen, handled, or photographed by others.
When you start talking to children about their bodies from an early age, helping them learn the names of their private and non-private parts, they find it easier to have an open and candid conversation regarding anything or anyone that may be trying to cross their physical boundaries. Discussing body anatomies or processes during bath time may be a good way to help children learn.
As a parent or guardian, we must make sure that your child is not keeping any secrets from you. Try and be your child’s best friend as a parent, and let them know that you will protect them at any cost and that they can have total confidence in you while discussing their issues. In most cases, children fear that their parents might not believe them in incidents of sexual abuse, which is why they fail to express their problems and become silent victims of years of abuse.
For example, getting treated by a doctor, or being examined by a parent in terms of their health. Teach a child how to react and what to say when a stranger or even a close relative suggests or performs sexually or abusively towards them. They should be taught to scream ‘NO’ or run away to a safe person immediately in such cases. Children should be able to ask for help and should be listened to in such cases.
Lastly, to save your child and yourself from the pain and woes of child sexual abuse, please observe them around other people or adults. The danger posed by strangers isn’t the only thing your child should be alert against. Sometimes, the worst predators can be the ones you trust the most and are in close relation to you and your child. If a child does not want to meet or hug a certain person, don’t force them. Let them take control of their personal space and let them trust you in their difficult times.
These are some ways to get you and your child on the right track regarding sexual and physical safety and create a healthier environment for your child to grow up in.

(The writer is a journalist and can be reached at [email protected])

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