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Panun Kashmir observes Balidan Diwas

Jammu, September 14 (KIP)- Panun Kashmir observed the Kashmiri Pandit Balidan Diwas today in Jammu . The day is being observed by Kashmiri Pandit community as the Balidan Davis since 1990 in commemoration of martyrdom of hundreds of other martyrs and also to remember the long persecution that was inflicted upon the Kashmiri Pandit community in the valley.

Panun Kashmir commemorated Martyrs Day today while maintaining the Covid protocol across all Displaced Camps in Jammu region. The program was coordinated from Panun Kashmir head quarter and Jagati, Buta Nagar, Muthi and Purkhoo camps joined the commemoration program online. Entire commemoration program was broadcasted live to the national and global diaspora.

The event started with a message from anchor Sh Tito Ganju who appraised about the importance of Martyrs Day and gave a detailed flow chart of entire program. The event began with a two minute silence followed by floral tributes to the martyrs.

Panun Kashmir, Dr Agnishekhar felicitated a genocide survivor Sh Ramesh Marhatta who was kidnapped by terrorists and shot at in Srinagar. Sh Marhatta narrated his tale of kidnapping and brutaluzation by terrorists mentioning that since he was working in Doordarshan a concoction was weaved that he is an Indian agent.

Dr Agnishekhar in his address appealed the Prime Minister of India and Union Minister for Home Affairs to immediately put a stop on all such policies that contribute to Denial of Genocide of Hindus of Kashmir. After GoI formally accepted that Hindus of Kashmir were subjected to Genocide while explaining the ban imposed on JKLF all such policies that contribute to Denial of Genocide of Hindus of Kashmir are in fact crimes against Humanity and should be immediately stopped.

We have no hesitation in stating that Internally Displaced Hindus of Kashmir are caught up between the forces that continue to perpetrate Genocide on them and the forces of Denial of Genocide. It is an irony that while Pakistan has been the cardinal provocateur of the Genocide against Hindus of Kashmir, Government of India during last three decades has been the primary motor behind their Denial of Genocide.

In his address Dr Ajay Chrungoo stated that the policies on the return and rehabilitation of internally displaced Hindus of Kashmir pursued by successive governments in the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir as well as in the Centre have been the most brazen expressions of Denial of Genocide. These policies have actually been attempts to enter into a deal with the Muslim separatist fundamentalist class in Kashmir responsible for Genocide of Hindus in Kashmir. Such policies seek to hand over the victims of Genocide to a Muslim fundamentalist order that allowed genocide to happen. Making Hindus of Kashmir to vote in exile through postal ballot is one more ugly and ruthless expression of Denial of Genocide perpetrated on Hindus of Kashmir living in exile.

Sh Bihari Lal Koul while addressing the viewers from Jagati camp along with Sh Bushan Lal, Kuldeep Razdan, Pyarelal Pandita, Bittu ji, Satish Sher said that Denial of Genocide of Hindus of Kashmir has not only been destructive to Hindus of Kashmir but has also led to spillover of Jihad into rest of India. Expansion of Islamist ideologies is taking place along the length and breadth of India. Demographic assaults are happening in numerous places across India and GoI and the political class of India has chosen to be willfully blind to these developments. Pan Islamist regimes with terrorist goals are widening there tentacles. Ignoring Genocide of Hindus of Kashmir is proving to be a suicidal approach and is pushing the whole nation to the brink of peril.

Addressing the online viewers from Buta Nagar and Muthi, Sh T N Koul, Sh AK Dhar, Sh Daya k Koul, Sh Leni. Bhat along with dozens of participants stated the neutering of 370 and abrogation of 35 A along with the reorganization of the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir into two Union Territories has dismantled the legal edifice of a Muslim State on the territory of secular India. The changes will bring peace and prosperity if the de facto edifice of this Muslim state is also dismantled. A web of formulations, perspectives and administrative approaches sustains this de facto Muslim state. Halfway Separatist Governance models and Denial of Hindu genocide constitute the cardinal expressions of this de facto Muslim state. Halfway Separatist Governance as well as Denial of Hindu Genocide has to be abandoned as policy approaches. Otherwise the new changes in Jammu and Kashmir are doomed to fail. A new order in Jammu and Kashmir cannot be built on the soil of old order.

Addressing the online event from Purkhoo ShbPran Raina, Sh MK Dhar, Sh Chuni Lal, Sh S k Peer stated Panun Kashmir has already submitted the Panun Kashmir Prevention of Hindu Genocide and Atrocities Bill to government of India. We earnestly hope that the Bill will be taken up for consideration and adopted as an act in the Parliament of India.
In the end we want to state that the changes in Jammu and Kashmir on August 5, 2019 have made the creation of Panun Kashmir East and North of river Jhelum constitutionally possible rather than redundant. Further reorganization of Jammu and Kashmir and creation of Union Territory of Panun Kashmir for sustainable and lasting return of exiled Hindus of Kashmir is a geopolitical imperative in case Jihadi separatism and international intrigues in J&K are to be defeated decisively.

Panun Kashmir Ashwani also organised the programme which was attended among others by S/Sh. Virender Raina President Panun Kashmir, Upinder Koul General Secretary, Kamal Bagati General Secretary (Org.), Ashok Chrungoo Treasurer, Samir Bhat Convener Youth PK, Vimla Chrungoo, Santosha Sharma, P K Durani, P K Bhan and Kewal Krishan Koul, Sanjay Koul and Sameer Mattoo.

On the occassion members took a pledge that we will re-establish our community in our Homeland in Kashmir as per the Mardarshan resolution. On this day we pay our homage to all those who were martyred in Kashmir in the name of jehad. We also pay our tributes to all the members of our valiant security forces who laid down their lives while defending the honour and territorial integrity of our nation in Kashmir and also on the borders. On this day we also pay our tributes to our elders who had to die untimely after migration due to the trauma and loss of habitat after forced exodus from Kashmir.
Virender Raina said that Panun Kashmir would continue to raise the issue of the genocide and ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits on all the forums so as to bring the perpetrators of these heinous crimes against the humanity to justice. The landmark judgement of the National Human Rights Commission in this regard that ' acts akin to genocide' have been committed against the community is a substantial reference point in this regard.
Virender Raina while speaking on the occasion said that Kashmiri Pandits are the aborigines of Kashmir with a continuous historical and anthropological connect of more than five thousand years. KPs have the first and the foremost right on the land of Kashmir and that right is inalienable and no bargain is possible on that. On the occasion Virender Raina appealed to the government to hasten and simplify the process of Ayushman Bharat Scheme . There is also an urgent need to bring the Temples and Shrines Bill for the protection and preservation of the Temples of Kashmir
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