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Reality in J&K After 370 Abrogation
Certain Pointers:

By Ankur Sharma

1. Article 370 created a Non Secular, Theocratic Islamic State within the Secular Polity of India. It is so because 370/35-A provided as follows:

Given the fact that J&K is a Muslim Majority State therefore:

Indian Constitution will not apply here.

It will have its own Constitution and Flag.

A State within a state based on the concept of Two Nation theory similarly as that of Pakistan.

It's bedrock: Muslim Sub-Nationalism.

We seeded a Pakistan within India and believed that with partition, movement of Pakistan has ended. This exclusive Muslim Domain/Pakistan within a Secular India was nourished and protected by the State of India through a Secular provision (370/35-A) of a Secular Constituion. This was achieved by deploying model of Muslim Brotherhood (Purge Constitutional Democracies by abusing freedoms, entering Democratic Institutions and then Subverting them from within). 370 was a manifestation of success of subversive Muslim Brotherhood model.

Abrogation is therefore a victory of the Nation and the Indian Constitution.

The biggest betrayal of the current dispensation is:

Not taking abrogation of 370/35-A to its logical conclusion. In fact, the State of India has taken a Reverse Gear. DeJure Islamic State demolished but DeFacto Islamic still is still being nourished. Individuals, Policies, Formulations, Priorities, Preferences planted in the State are still using the State Apparatus as a tool for hegemonic, imperial, Totalitarian Islamic State. That's what is called a De Facto Islamic State. Nothing is being done to demolish it. Whatever is being done is hence superficial. See examples below.

2. Domicile Law is alike introducing 35-A through backdoor.

Conducting Delimitation on Fraud, Fudged Anti Jammu Census 2011 is aimed at handing over political power back to subversives, communal bigots disguised as mainstream political parties of Kashmir.

Indian State's Policy Paradigm as far as J&K is concerned is this: There is an unholy nexus between the Indian State & Kashmiri Sunni Half Separatist establishment (read mainstream Pol Parties - NC, PDP, PC etc etc) that for all times to come, Power Shall remain with Kashmir. This Policy has still not changed and despite abrogation.

Jammu province is therfore despite abrogation Politically Disempowered, Subjugated, Hostage, A Colony of Kashmir and its citizens, citizens of Second and Third order.

3. Despite no restrictions on land purchases in J&K post abrogation, the practical situation on ground is that only earlier State Subject holders can buy lands. Written law and unwritten law in J&K still prevailing. Even new Domicile holders cannot purchase lands in J&K. What is being marketed outside is false.

This was not the time to introduce Domicile Law. Domicile law is again aimed at protecting Muslim Majority Character of the State. Apart from this, Domicile Law also discourages Private Investments. Private sector accounts for 92 to 95 percent of employment. Domicile Law therefore reduces opportunities of employment.

4. *State Sponsored Demographic Assualt on Jammu Province goes unabated:*

a. Roshni Act. Law to give away State lands to Muslims in Hindu dominated areas. All Muslims who applied got ownership of encroached lands. Hindus who are Prospective Owners and not encroachers never needed Roshni Act and could have been granted ownership under Agrarian Reporms Act. They granted ownership under AR Act nor under Roshni. A very little percentage of all those who applied got ownership under Roshni Act. In percentage terms: Muslims 90; Hindus 10. In certain areas, absolute number of Hindus may be high on account of exclusively Hindu population. Govt has filed a Review Petition stalling implementation of Roshni Judgment and has asked for Court's permission to regularise illegal Muslim settlements around Jammu.

b. CM Mehbooba's 14th Feb 2018 order granting legal immunity in favour of Muslims for encroaching lands in Jammu province and committing crimes of Cow Slaughter and Bovine Smuggling.

c. Organised settlement of illegal Muslim immigrants Rohingyas and Bangladeshis exclusively around security establishments in Hindu Dominated areas. Less than 200 immigrants were moved to camps. Thousands have been allowed to mix in the society.

d. Capture of River and Forest Lands exclusively by Muslims. Refer to reports filed in High Court. 90 percent Forest encroachers are Muslims. This happened with State Connivance. Forest encroachments reports District Wise naming each and every individual available. Reports filed by authorities before Division Bench of JK High Court in a PIL.

e. Funded Colonisation of Hindu areas through subsidies etc.

f. Newspaper advertisements for Exclusive Muslims colonies on encroached lands in Jammu.

g. Resettling Muslim encroachers on other pieces of State Lands and granting them ownership for free. Eg. Stroke Land Case and AIIMS Colony at Vijaypur. There are several other instances.

h. Reclaiming lands under Wakaf Act by whimsically declaring any land as graveyard etc. Several cases in HC where relief also has been granted.

a to h is happening unabated.

5. Denial of Minority Rights to actual minorities and state sponsored siphoning off of funds to Muslims (Majority) despite a SC Judgment in PIL No. 489/2016 titled Ankur Sharma V. Union of India and Ors. It is also done by violating Clause 7(b) of the Programme Implemetation Guildelines of PM's New 15 Point Programme for Minorities.

Even as on date, what is due to Non Muslims is being illegally given away to Muslims. Minority Status to JK Muslims also give them international support for Secessionism on the ground of Human Rights violations. Remember: Under UN Charter for Human Rights, Human Rights are available only to Minorities and no one else.

6. Denial of Hindu Genocide by the State of India.

Whatever happened to Hindus in Kashmir and Muslim majority Districts of Jammu Province in 90s and early 2000 (Mass Massacres) is Genocide. India is a signatory to Genocide Convention.

Despite demands, Indian State declined to recognize it as Hindu Genocide.

Denial of Genocide is Double Genocide. Denial is the Climax of Genocide.

Indian State didn't want to annoy Islamists/Jihadists/Separatists.

Situation is same as on date.

7. Target of Pakistan: Islamisation of Himalayas. That according to Pakistani Generals would mean Islamisation of Sanatana Indic Civilisation and consequentially success of Raid of India.

Kashmir was 100 percent Islamised post 1990s. Jammu is being Islamised through Demograohic Assault/Invasion/Land Jihad.

According to Pakiatani Generals like SM Malik etc, for Islamisation of India, Fall of Northern India is important. Within Northern India, Fall of Jammu is Critical. Jammu can thereafter be used as a spring board/launch pad for further raids into India.

Inorder to Reverse Islamisation of Himalayas we need to:

a. Make Jammu a Separate State.

b. Divide Kashmir into 2 UTs. One exclusively for Victims of Genocide i.e. Hindus of Kashmir.

Such a UT within Kashmir would mean a Hindu Geopolitical Foothold within Islamised Kashmir. Only by creating a strong Hindu Geoplolitical Foothold in Kashmir we would be able to reverse Islamisation of Himalayas and hence Islamisation of Sanatana Indic Civilsation. It's a National Security Imperative.

But the Union Govt and party in power want to conduct elections of fudged 2011 Census and hand back power to Islamists in J&K. Remember, they didn't allow anyone except BJP from Jammu to participate in All Party 24th June 2021 meeting with Prime Minister. Jammu would have raised all these issues but that would have spoied Delhi's cosy relation with Islamist.

The writer is a senior Advocate in JK High Court & President Ikkjutt Jammu, who got Roshni Act declared Unconstituional.

Disclaimer: The views, observations and opinions expressed in above write up of Scoop News are strictly author's own. Scoop News does not take any onus or liability for the veracity, accuracy, validity, completeness, suitability of any of information in the above given write up. The information, facts or figures appearing in the write up in no way manifest the position, standpoint or stance of Scoop News and the Scoop News does not assume any encumbrance or answerability of the same. All disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of competent Courts and Forums in Jammu City Only)

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